Team Foundation Server 2013 Upgrade Weekend

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The product team has created a great opportunity to upgrade during the Team Foundation Server 2013 Upgrade Weekend on September 13-15.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you have likely noticed the recent buzz over the TFS 2013 Preview. Well as you know that while Team Foundation Server 2013 is production ready it still has that pesky “Preview” moniker on there. This “Preview” wording has prevented many companies from adopting TFS 2013 immediately, even though it is fully supported. To help resolve some of that resistance and get wider adoption the Product Team has committed some extra engineering resources to not just supporting your TFS 2013 instance, but helping you upgrade as well.

During the weekend of Friday 13th September until Sunday 15th September there will be Microsoft experts standing by to help you out at no charge with your production upgrade to Team Foundation Server 2013. They will not just be there in case you need help but will be available to assist  with installation, configuration, and even the actual upgrade.

If you don’t want to wait you can get Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server while its hot today and start using the features while basing in the full support from Microsoft. However if you want a little more support and help with an upgrade, or a first installation you can take advantage of the Team Foundation Server 2013 Upgrade Weekend.

The Upgrade Weekend is an RSVP service so make sure that you sign up early:

By registering early you can help ensure that Microsoft has the appropriate number of engineering staff and support resources to make your adoption as smooth as possible. Remember you can:

Whatever option that you choose you will be happy with the results…

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