TFS 2008 October Power Tools Released

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The Novemberish October TFS 2008 power tools were released over the weekend so grab the download now!

Windows shell extension for source control, powershell integration, team collaboration tools (messaging, workspace templates, check in history, view shelvesets and pending changes, distribution of custom components).

This power tools release is huge and for some features it has been a long wait but I am so glad it is here.  Check out Brian Harry’s blog for some screen shots and a more detailed breakdown of all the new features.

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  1. steven.shippee March 10, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    With all of these tools one would think there would be an easier way to tell wich version of TFS 2008 one has installed, besides going into the registry and looking at KEY:
    which I had to do because I had erroneously installed the TRIAL version of TFS 2008 and was getting error messages that it was about to expire. Then I had to go into add/remove programs and re-enter the key, the permanent key this time. Is there an easier way to do this (yet)? Thanks in advance.

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