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The benefit’s of Azure SQL Database-as-a-Service (Daas) can be easily overlooked if you have a traditional SQL infrastructure and perceive Azure’s SQL solution as just “SQL in the cloud”.  Before dismissing this article as another attempt to push Azure, take a look at the value Azure SQL DaaS can bring to your business.  There are several features that Azure SQL bring to your organization which make it’s on-premise little brother pale in significance.

Azure SQL can elastically scale the data-tier of an application in and out based on need, automatically, greatly reducing your administration long-term overhead.  It can provide geo-replication, making your data available in different regions, providing failover options to enable business continuity, meaning your organization does not have to build out multiple regional data-centers to provide redundant disaster recovery support – Azure has already built it out for you.

Also consider that Azure SQL is self-managed meaning you will experience near-zero maintance, reducing operational costs.  And you can use a variety of platforms with it, including .NET, Java, PHP, and Ruby on Rails.   Of course, in order order to take full advantage of Azure SQL DaaS, you’ll need to architect your SQL-enabled applications to support it.  Re-architecting may not be cost effective, but before dismissing the option, you should take the opportunity to review the options and evaluate the overall cost and value it can bring your organization.  Also consider that re-architecting your solutions may not be necessary.  Whether your committing to a full solution in Azure or want to extend existing on-premise solutions with Azure SQL, you have options!

Consider talking to us about Azure and SQL options.  Whether you want a quick discussion to better understand your option, you want to have us put together a plan, or you’d like us to assist with re-architecting you solutions, we are here for you!  Please contact to begin your Azure SQL journey!

Oh yeah – there’s lots of information about Azure and SQL options, so check it out!

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