The Launch: A Personal Story

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As I sat to the side of the stage witnessing Launch, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly proud. There was a lot of excitement and a million tweets describing the launch and what announcements were made, but for me, as I sat alongside Lori (the President of Northwest Cadence), this launch felt intensely personal. This launch was a milestone for me.

Dealogic, the Microsoft customer profiled in the launch, is also our customer. And they’re great- not just as a customer, but as a company and as a culture. From the C-Suites to the dev teams, the people there are exceptional, open, and inviting. As the co-founder of Northwest Cadence, I sat watching their video, and was filled with pride. Not just because we’ve played a small role in their success, but because the only reason we even get to engage with companies as exceptional as Dealogic is because of the outstanding, committed team at Northwest Cadence that I get to work with on a daily basis.

I am blessed, every day, by the people who make Northwest Cadence who we are. We have an amazing operations team, who tames the schedules, manages the engagements, and brings a professionalism to the face of Northwest Cadence. Our technical staff, who I work so closely with, has a quiet competence that’s at once humble and exceptionally knowledgeable. Together, they make the best team I have ever worked with.

And that’s the reason for my pride. As Simon Mann, the Global Head of Development at Dealogic, took the stage, I was immediately reminded of the team at Northwest Cadence. They make our culture, and who we are, and that’s why we get to work with world-class companies like Dealogic.

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