VSTS Training – Building Applications using Visual Studio Team System 2008

We’re running our VSTS 5-Day course again, here at our offices at Northwest Cadence on December 8-12, 2008.  Get ready for a new year of VSTS productivity by learning the deep ins and outs of VSTS 2008!

Here’s a brief blurb.  To learn more, send an email to info@nwcadence.com.

The focus of this training course is on the effective use of Team System to improve an organization’s application management lifecycle. Software teams will learn not only how to use Team System effectively, but how to use Team System to improve their software development process. Developers will learn improve the quality of their code and speed development. Testers will learn to validate code quality and track test cases. Project managers will learn to use Team System to bring their projects under control. Configuration Managers will learn the best practices around branching strategies and will learn to create a tailored software configuration management strategy. As a team, you will learn how to use TFS to increase traceability, improve the quality of your code and ease the process of releasing your applications.

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