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We Love Washington!Northwest Cadence is a top-ranked finalist for Agile Consultant Services for Washington state. We’re excited to be back in Olympia helping software delivery teams get agile and Lean!

I worked in the public sector at the University of Washington for nearly eleven years, and spent about five of those leading a major agile project in collaboration with Washington state. You read that right: an agile project with a state government!

So when Northwest Cadence was recently awarded a spot on the state’s master list (RFQQ #05413) for Agile Consultant Services, naturally I was pretty thrilled—and nostalgic.

One of my favorite, and formative, memories on that project was when the UW Today faculty and staff newspaper published an article about administrative offices using Lean to improve their business processes. The featured accounting office was my software team’s primary “customer”! UW Today was delivered electronically, so I couldn’t literally wave it at people, but it was great emailing it around to our project sponsors to help them understand our own move to agile, Scrum, and Kanban. Responsiveness, risk reduction, cost savings, and a sustainable pace for staff: so many of the reasons our customer had adopted Lean for accounting applied equally to the software our team was building to help them do it. Any office in any state or local government surely seeks the same benefits today.

I was passionate about agile then, and now I’m joined by a great team who are equally passionate about the intersection of agile with Lean principles.

That’s reflected, I think, in our results: in the state’s evaluation of Apparent Successful Bidders, Northwest Cadence ranked first in Coaching Leadership and Cultural Change, first in Facilitating Agile Process Improvement, and fourth in Training of Agile Concepts.

All of the consultants at Northwest Cadence are based in Washington (or in the process of relocating here—hi Colin!), so we have additional motivation: we’re all taxpayers and consumers of state services. Our theoretical foundations and our years of ALM experience all tell us that furthering agile and Lean in state government will help them spend our revenues wisely, on successful software projects that truly meet our and our neighbors’ needs.

In the next few months, we’ll be launching another series of in-person events for Washington state audiences, to show them how we can help along their agile/Lean journey. Follow us here and/or on social media to find out more about dates and topics!

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