What's New for Visual Studio 11: Source Control

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Visual Studio 11 includes a number of new changes in source control. Some of the features to point out are:

  • Preview of files in a side tab
  • Included and excluded file to be checked-in
  • Detected Changes
  • Request code reviews

Let’s start by showing the Preview of files in the side tab.  This is a new feature that will open a tab at the upper right hand-corner to show which files are selected before it creates and opens a new tab.  If you are like me, I normally have a number of tabs open.  This makes it easy to review the files before Visual Studio creates a new tab in the main body tab view.


The check-in of Included and Excluded files is not really a new feature, however the menu and capabilities are new, and much easier to manage code you do not what to check-in.


In the Excluded Changes section, the Detected Changes now detects any new files that you might have in the workspace folder.  The new file is placed in the Excluded Change section until you are ready to move the file into the Include section.


Another big change is the request for code review, which is built into My Work:  if you click on Pending Changes and select the Actions drop down box, you will see the Request Review selection.


In the New Code Review menu, you have the option to select one or a number of reviews.  This is handy since there might be a few team members who can review the code.   It also tracks the subject and area the code is in, along with any related work items.

Once you have submitted the request, it shows up in the person’s In Progress Work Item and Changes section by displaying a new Work Item and providing details in the Code Review section.


In the Work Item that we just created, we can see the history with information of when the Work Item was created.  This gives us a great start on tracking and being able to see what needs to be completed as the code review comes back.   We don’t have to rely upon a creative way of tracking code review, or depend upon who and what was covered.


As you can see, the new features in Visual Studio 11 for source control are a big benefit for everyone that works with TFS and Visual Studio.  The new features solve some of the problem we see day-to-day. 

Webcast: Source Control


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