Video: What’s New in Team Foundation Server 2013: Online Test Plan/Suite Management

Below includes a 5-minute demo video on the new testing tools in Visual Studio 2013.


Team Foundation Server 2012 Update 2 gave us the ability to create and edit test cases in Web Access, and an online test runner which greatly increased the viability of cross-platform testing. The Visual Studio team at Microsoft has continued this trend and expanding the testing capabilities available through Web Access in Visual Studio 2013 to include creating Test Plans and Test Suites.


With Team Foundation Server 2013 we can now add Test Plan and Suite Management to the list of testing features available in Web Access.


Also included is a number of tweaks and improvements to the Test Case creation workflow, including:

  • Improved tabbing order
  • Full support for test parameters
  • Full support for creating and using shared steps
  • Adding attachments at the test step level (instead of only at the test case level)

These improvements elevate Web Access to a viable Test Management solution on par with the Agile Planning Tools and TFS Administration already available in Web Access. Web Access is going to become the default location for managing your testing strategies, eliminating the need to switch between Microsoft Test Manager and Web Access to manage work items during a sprint.

For a complete list of what is new in Visual Studio 2013, check out this MSDN article:

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