What’s New in Visual Studio 2013: Connecting to InRelease

At Northwest Cadence, we are thoroughly enjoying the new features and believe InRelease is a great step in the right direction for software development. With all the buzz around faster delivery times and DevOps, InRelease provides the platform to achieve continuous delivery within your software delivery team.

With that be said, after installing the InRelease Preview, we have found some items that still need a bit more polishing.

The first item encountered is that you must be logged in as a local administrator to install and run the InRelease application. My recommendation is to log in as a local administrator to install and setup user accounts as your first action.


The second item we found was an undocumented one. To connect to TFS server you will need to make sure that the account you are using has “run on behalf of” capabilities. To do this you need to run the following command for the account to be used:

tfssecurity /g+ “Team Foundation Service Accounts” n:<User Account> ALLOW /server:<YOUR TFS SERVER>

For more information on the command go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/ms400759(v=vs.80).aspx.

The third item was the fact that you cannot connect to TFS using the Network Service account. This might not be a huge issue for most, but if you do have your TFS running under the default account, you will need to change it.


Do not get me wrong, I am very excited to see InRelease and the ability to do deployments from Visual Studio and TFS.  As I said before, this is a nice step in the right direction! As with any Preview products there are some minor tweaks that will need to be addressed, but it is great that Microsoft lets us all take a look at InRelease early, so we can provide fast feedback to make the application even better.

In the below video, I will cover the same material just a bit more in-depth!


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