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I stood in front of an audience of a couple hundred developers.  Visual Studio 2012 had launched and I was touting the benefits of modern application development.  Agile development, mobile first, lightweight architecture, and heterogeneous applications were the key topics that drove the presentation.  The key theme of the presentation was built around the device that was sitting in my pocket- my phone.  Just about everyone has one and understands the value it presents.  We not only take calls on it, we check our email, stay in touch using messaging, play games, view news, watch videos, listen to music, and, when the need arises, can even use it for simple editing of business documents like spreadsheets and presentations.  The modern application in 2012 needed to take into account that the customer has a smart phone and wants your application on it; they want frequent updates and they want easy access to big data.  That meant you needed to develop on multiple platforms, using agile development practices, while providing secure access to your data infrastructure.  It was a theme that resonated, yet it was clear that many companies were not yet prepared to deliver this level of value.

Flash forward to late 2013, early 2014.  The modern app was evolving.  Developers were embracing mobile development and evolving their agile development practices.  But now they needed to rethink their develop practices.  Agile development and frequent updates require smaller, consumable parts.  And a mature development organization understands that frequent updates will naturally lead to a continuous delivery model.  There was also the challenge of access to big data – how do you do it?  Enter the cloud.  With a variety of storage technologies including SQL and NoSQL options, as well as technologies for storing and processing large data sets such as Hadoop, developers now had the tools to effectively deliver big data to mobile users without compromising their on-premises security.  The modern applications were cloud-enabled, offering faster access to content and flexible storage options.  The best modern applications knew what the cloud had to offer and took advantage of them.

As you would expect, today’s modern application continues to improve.  Not only is it mobile and cloud enabled, taking advantage of scalable storage, the power of cloud-processing, single sign-on, and push notifications, today’s modern applications are intelligent.  Using advanced analytics, Machine Learning, powerful data processing, and the most modern visualizations, today’s modern applications can provide predictive analytics, prescribe answers, and even be automated to respond quickly to complex problems.

Machine intelligence can give your organization an edge over companies that use traditional data processing technologies because machine intelligence learns from your data and can provide insight into your business that traditional analysis can’t do.  Machine intelligence can find patterns in your data and provide new ways to view your data.  Previously only available to data scientists and Fortune 500 organizations, Machine Learning can be used by anyone.

Today’s modern businesses need to take advantage of what Machine Learning can offer if they are to have the edge over the competition.  We can work with you to determine how Machine Learning can help your organization.  We will work with you to identify which applications and business processes can best be adapted to using Machine Learning and advanced analytics. We can also help you re-architect your current modern applications to take advantage of advanced analytics and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is the differentiator between your old ‘modern app’ and the new modern app.  It’s time to consider ratcheting up your (machine) intelligence!  We can help you find ways where machine learning and intelligent analytics can fit into your existing application portfolio and we can help you re-architect solutions to use Azure’s machine learning and intelligent analytics suite of tools.  If you want to learn more, or have questions about intelligent applications, give us a jingle!

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