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Faster. Safer. Fewer Bugs. More Secure.

These are the phrases that define the outcomes of most DevOps transformations. Getting there, however, requires an understanding of more than just the technical tools requires for an automated delivery pipeline. It requires skills at understanding culture, mapping acceptable mall steps that will work with your organization, and gentle guidance to bring even the most intransigent team members to support the transformation.

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Scalability As applications grow, so does the demand on infrastructure. Azure allows you to grow rapidly and cost-effectively. Better yet, beyond production scale there’s the scale of the DevOps pipeline. Microsoft VSTS and Azure help you scale processes, practices, and tools to keep pace with modern application development—whether it’s automating testing or provisioning new environments on the fly

Speed High-performing teams push the boundaries of processes and tools. They’ve already fine-tuned communication and collaboration, built a solid foundation for quality, and removed wasteful delay and rework from the delivery cycle. They know continuous improvement is never finished, so they’re looking for the next opportunity to make their work even better. Cloud integration streamlines day-to-day work to empower rapid innovation. And in your world (ours too) rapid is a very good thing.

Security Like a good set of racecar brakes, good security shouldn’t slow you down, but let you go faster safely. By setting up a secure cloud environment with a secure delivery pipeline, your developers can move at the speed of code, without worrying that they’ll accidentally open up a vulnerability.

More so now than ever, without cloud integration, you can’t reach optimal modernization. Without optimal modernization, you’re just not doing your application justice.

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