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Frequent deployments. Fewer bugs. Faster repair times.

Most DevOps transformations are defined by these phrases. However, implementing these transformations is not easy: it requires more than just understanding the tools required for an automated delivery pipeline. It requires understanding how to change culture iteratively in a way that won’t alienate team members and that builds shared ownership in the shift. It requires a skilled partner to guide you as you navigate the journey to Continuous Delivery.

Driving Agility – Breaking down Silos

A fast delivery cadence that enables fast feedback cycles requires the traditional Dev, QA and Ops pillars to communicate and collaborate in new ways. Time to market and the ability to scale on demand are critical competitive advantages and business differentiators in every industry in today’s market. Scalable, reliable continuous delivery, infused with AI, can drive modernization in your organization.

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Agile Transformation Decrease your lead times from months and years to weeks or days, without sacrificing quality and security. Think and move quickly and thrive in this world of modern software delivery as your team embraces flexibility, collaboration and automation.

Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Accelerate feedback by delivering faster and more reliably. Focus on business value rather than plumbing, enabling you to get to market faster. With Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery, you can confidently release more frequently and respond faster to your customers’ needs.

To sustain the fast feedback and quick-to-market cadence that modern software organizations need to succeed, the traditional Dev, QA, and Ops pillars must communicate and collaborate in new ways.

Software Quality Improve software quality and speed delivery with a focus on building quality into your code early in the lifecycle. Manage automated deployments for any language on any platform. Automate software delivery and enable collaboration between development and operations. Move your software quality – and the people, processes, and culture surrounding it – from good to great.

Automation Are you still doing major releases at night or on the weekend because you’re not confident about what might go wrong? What could you achieve if your deployments were totally automated, straightforward, predictable, and frequent? From rapid recover to A/B testing to continuous micro-releases, simplifying and automating deployment gives you a solid foundation to ramp up on the complexity and increase the value you can deliver without compromising on quality and stability.

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